Research Post One

I have been assigned to research what the classroom was like during the 1940’s at Mary Washington College. In order to fully examine this decade my group has split our responsibilities concerning the project. I will be tasked with researching the Bullet from 1945 to 1949. I’ll also be helping a teammate, John, go through the school’s photographs spanning from 1940 to 1949.

I have already begun to extensively dive into the university’s photo collection. I was plesantly surprised to find that although more than 70 years have passed the Centennial Collection has over 100 photos. I believe having visuals to pair with our written research will have a vast impact on our reconstruction of the classroom. The photographs are all black and white and though some seem posed, they still lend to a better understanding of the classroom for a student of the time period.

I have not been able to spend as much time on the Bullet. The Bullet is kept in a microfilm format. In order to locate and examine these documents I will be having to use a card catalog in the library. From what I was able to read, social events seem to be the main focus. I’m not sure how much this will help me understand the classroom set-up yet.

I look forward to reserving more time in the library so that I am able to examine the archives more throughly, especially concerning the Bullet. With more time, I’ll have a better idea over what articles and photographs will best contribute to a deeper understanding of the 1940’s classroom for my group.

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