Research Post Three

This week I began to look into the Bullet. I had never used an index system before so that was challenging. Luckily, Mrs. Parsons was there to help me every step of the way. I tried to select article titles that I felt would have the most to do with the classroom or students in general. Most of the articles focused on the social aspects of college life though, such as beauty contests, class elections, jitterbug contests, and dances. Some of the articles I did pull include “725 Students Enroll in College”, “Looking Ahead”, “Interesting Personalities”, “Agents Give Information on Class Doings”, and “Governor Darden signs Merger Bill”. Next week I’m going to skim through the articles entirely instead of trying to select articles based on their titles via the index system, because so far I’m not getting much information on classroom experiences specifically. This next week I will focus more on finding articles as well as finishing exploring the online archive of photographs from the 1940’s.

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