Summary of Group Website

I am pleased to say that all members of my group were in attendance for Thursday’s class. We all were very excited while discussing how our website would be best set up. We’ve decided the domain name should be something simple so we entered it as “mwc1940s”. It’s simple and easy to remember. We wanted the site title to be really catchy though. Our brainstorming session led to “Books, Bonds, and Babes”. I love the title. I think it captures the decade perfectly. We have also decided to divide our website into five sections:¬†Classes UMC students could take, War time experience and how it affected the classrooms, pictures from the 1940’s classroom compared to now, an interview page for a 1940’s graduate, and lastly an author’s page where we all have the chance to sum up our individual experiences during this project. I feel we all have a very clear idea of what it will take from our group partners and ourselves in order to achieve this website.


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