Research Post 4

After three weeks of skimming the Bullet and printing out various articles of interest I finally had the time to sit down and finish my research. What surprised me the most about the Bullet from 1945 to 1949 is how much social social aspects were covered compared to class room interactions. Indeed, one of the first articles I read was “How High is Your Roommate Score?”. It’s direct quote states “One of the most important college courses isn’t listed in any catalogue, but it might be called ‘Living with a Roommate.” There were even articles dedicated to announcing social campus news, a big part of that being engagement announcements. It’s a big statement to what was important during those times, weddings as opposed to the current bullet mentioning students for earning scholarships and other rewards for academic excellence. According to a 1946 article the students of the time were expected to “be living life at its best and be stimulated toward clear thinking, high ideals, and wholesome, and gracious living”. While the college had a very clear idea on what their student should be I was also very impressed that it was also mentioned how “she is her own and man’s equal.” This gave me the sense that the women sitting in these classrooms had bigger aspirations than marriage. In other articles they continued to mention the ideal of “Today’s College Girl”. The college and its students seemed to be on the front line of promoting gender equality and they realized it started in the classroom. I feel like this is why I also ran across many articles talking about students visiting other colleges, discussing European methods, and adopting the systems of other colleges. The classroom seemed to be a place of great growth and change for the women of the 1940’s. For example, Mary Washington College adopted the semester system after studying other college classrooms in 1946. Overall, this week has made me so proud of the students and professors before me. In a time where the social scene prevailed, they created classrooms that promoted women and their learning. I’m ready to take what I’ve discovered and help my classmates create our website.

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