Congratulations 1950’s!

I was of course disappointed that my 1940’s group didn’t win, but we couldn’t have lost to a better page. I feel like the 1950’s group was able to put together a more successful picture of an actual classroom experience than any of the other decades. Their interview was very revealing and they found some of the best pictures. I think the best way to go about re-creating the classroom would be to have individual students dress as 1950’s students and take photographs of modern students imitating the pictures from 1950. It could also be really interesting if we had the help of the actual students from those years. They could pose as professors.  I like the idea of mixing the two though. Another options is doing a photo-shoot for the 1950’s version and then having another group of students take it’s modern day equivalent so we can put them side by side. We should absolutely involve the theatre department. I love the idea of dressing in the decade’s attire. We should also re-create events outside the classroom, non-acedemics. Maybe events like dances? I think we could really re-capture the decade through our modern interpretation through photos. I’m excited to begin!

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