1950’s Dress Code


1.) A fitted blouse is ideal for women. Sleeveless blouses were also popular.

2.) Full skirts and swing skirts that are knee high. Make sure the color of the skirt matches your top or is a neutral color.

3.) Shirt dress. These should have a top resembling  a shirt with a gathered skirt.

4.) Trousers. In the 1950’s narrow pants became fashionable. Capri and bermuda-cut shorts are acceptable lengths for ladies. These should be worn with flat ballet-like shoes.

Floral patterns were extremely popular and all clothing is meant to fit well and obtain the ideal hour-glass figure that was envied during this decade.


1.) Fitted suits were in. These were worn with a narrow pant leg. Charcoal grey was a popular color. This type of suit was typically worn with a white shirt and plain tie.

2.) NO HATS! More men were driving cars.

3.) Shirts. Khaki and plaid shirts were most popular for students. Button -down oxford shirts with a collar were also worn often. T-shirts were not worn alone. Hawaiian shirts were worn in the summer, along with box shirts.

4.) Trousers. No jeans! These were meant for outdoor activities and teens. Instead, wear bermuda shorts and khaki pants.

Women were prone to bigger hair styles, but most men kept their hair short.

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